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It is widely accepted that the role of sport in schools is an important one, encouraging team work, communication and leadership skills.

At Hamble Community Sports College, our aim is to provide, develop and implement a range of sports that enable boys and girls to gain the benefits from their participation.

There are teams in some of these sports and students are taught and coached by knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff who willingly give of their time to take practices and matches. The College is very fortunate with the quality of its facilities and ability to deliver such a wide and varied range of activities.

Additionally, whether team players or not, all students who join the College are taught the fundamental skills of the sports so that they can derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement.

Constant efforts are made to widen the range of sports on offer and the real hope is that every individual finds at least one sporting activity which they will pursue for recreation after leaving Hamble Community Sports College.

Some of the sports involve teams and the chance to play matches against other schools. There has been notable success for both teams and individuals in many of them.